About Us

ZIUSUDRA for Engineering Solutions and General Trading Ltd. based in Iraq,  company offering a variety of cutting edge professional products and services in the broadcast field. Ziusudra company stocks and distributes the largest volume of products for professionals within the Audio/Video, Media and Broadcasting Industry, as well as turnkey solutions from complete system design to installation and consultation in Iraq.


ZIUSUDRA is the leading distributor of Broadcast & Professional Video equipments in the Iraq and currently represents over 30 international brands such as Sony Professional, Canon Lens, Media Alliance, EUTLESAT, ClassX, DE SISTI , Sachtler, Vinten, Manfrotto, ABC, MovieTech, Autoscript, Evertz, Gopro, BlueFish444, PROMAX, TVU Networks, DTS Lighting, VISLINK, Xicom, LEE Filters, Sonifex, and many more. Through such careful brand selection we are able to offer our clients the best available solutions and also provide professional (Light-Camera-Action) support to maximize the quality of their experience, performance, and productivity.


ZIUSUDRA provides equipment ranging from latest Professional Cameras, High speed cameras, top-end Camera Support Systems, Wireless Transmission technology, the full spectrum of Lighting Solutions, Post Production and Playout systems, Broadcast Communication equipment, High-end Monitors, Teleprompters, Lenses, Bags, Power Solutions and many more.


ZIUSUDRA owes its success to two basic philosophies: quality customer care and affordable solutions. Our dedication to our customer’s needs is the driving force behind our success. At ZIUSUDRA, we listen to our customers and understand their requirements. We understand that without our customers, we would not be the largest equipment provider in the region.

In addition to that ZIUSUDRA has a professional and experience staff that has the ability to give the most professional and satisfaction solutions to our customers.


Showroom and Service Center

ZIUSUDRA is the best player in the industry having the largest Professional & Broadcast showroom in the Iraq. We are strategically located on Baghdad Abu Nawas Road making it easily accessible to all customers, while also providing them with an opportunity to get a true hands-on experience with the latest industry technology. Also integrated in our one of a kind showroom is a fully fledged professional systems ( Studio, News, OB SNG, MCR, Edit, Graphic, Lighting and Security ), which provides our customers with a realistic and applicable examples of how a systems can be set up.


The combination of top end facilities, trained professional staff and continuous support  from partners and suppliers has allowed the ZIUSUDRA team to develop sound technical expertise as required by our customers and therefore making us one of the most competitive enterprises in the Iraq.