MovieTech Movie Track - Steeltracks

The steel track is made of high-grade steel with special surface coating. The design and manufacturing of the track tube is focused on a precise manufactoring to assure smooth track-to-track transitions.

Gauge 62 cm
Item.No. 2600-0 Movie Tr. CrX, 90cm/3ft, fixed/foldable
Item.No. 2601-0 Movie Tr. CrX, 160cm/5ft, fixed/foldable 
Item.No. 2602-0 Movie Tr. CrX, 230cm/7,5ft, fixed/foldable 
Item.No. 2640-0 Movie Track CrX, curve 45°
  • precise circularity and constancy of the track tube plus fine polishing finish enables very smooth and silent movements of the dolly
  • well thought out composition of the different materials enables the using of heavy cranes
  • tread inserts can be changed easily in case of a damaging
  • design of the sleepers, with the round cut-outs is acoustically optimized
  • The tube ends are protected by shifted connection pieces. This makes the daily application easier and protects the tube ends against damage
  • Compatible with most other track systems

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