MovieTech Remote 400-R4

With only two different bracing and parallelogram bars as well as corresponding crane-arm segments with a length of 1 m and 1.5 m, the MT crane system is the compelling choice due to its extremely short set-up times. Thanks to its intelligent connection system, the "push pins" which were forever being lost at the filming location are now a thing of the past.
The MT 400 is entitled to bear the BG-PRÜFZERT badge.

Rear boom 1 m 1, 5m
Required boom, front 4 x 1,5 m 4 x 1,5 m
Strut bars / parallelogram bars Front 10 x 1,5 m 10 x 1,5 m
Rear 3 x 1 m 3 x 1,5 m
Total travel 11,08 m 11,08 m
Maximum height Without column extension 7,5 m 6,18 m
With column extension 7,83 m 7,54 m
Counterweight without payload 160 kg 104 kg
Payload 80 kg 80 kg
Counterweight with payload 544 kg 400 kg
Boom length Front (reception flange) 7,57 m 7,57 m
Rear (outer edge of basket) 1,97 m 2,45 m
Own weight without payload and counterweights 307 kg 333,5 kg

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