Bebob AML-120ALEX

Product No.:6718

The ML-120A is a Hot Swap Adapter for the AlexaCamera. It allows to swap the battery without interruption of the camera powering. When the battery runs empty, the ML-120A will take over the powering of the camera for 2 Minutes, giving a simultaneous alarm.
The ML-120A replaces the Standard V-mount on the Alexa, or other 3rd party battery mounts. Additionally, it features a 12 V DC D-Tap port, secured by a 5 A self-resetting fuse.
After use the ML-120A self-charges from the camera battery
Notice: Because of the operating voltage,  the ML-120 is designed for Li-Ion and Li-Mangan batteries. It works neither with NiCd, with NiMh, nore with Li-Iron-Phosphate batteries.

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