CATONE - The Catone Live Censorship System is scalable from single to hundreds of channels

CATONE - The Catone Live Censorship System is scalable from single to hundreds of channels



Auditing: Complete reporting of any action done by any censorship operators.


Key benefits:

  • Intuitive and Reliable Live Censorship Live, censoring and preview video monitoring with programmable delay, count down timer and alarm
  • Easy to apply video masking Key frame movement of different shape overlay masks graphics with transparency and rapid automatic insertion frame by frame
  • Rapid full video replacement from library Build a video footage library for cut and insert of prerecorded replacement video, with different durations tabs and scroll bar
  • Efficient audio monitoring and replacement Audio and level meter monitoring with efficient tools to censor audio with mute, beep and audio replacement
  • Detailed Reporting and Scheduling Dual time line (censored and scheduled), with scrolling and zoom up to 2 hours, and full log of all censorship actions taken
  • Compact Integrated Solution One box, software based solution that supports SD and HD operation, pass through, and is easily integrated into the live broadcast workflow.


CATONE is a unique Live Censorship System that is cost-effective for small installations with a few channels and can expand to manage literally 
hundreds of channels

Other Features:

  • AD-Insertion
    Optional AD-Insertion system with Scheduler
  • Operations 
    Operates with short-cuts, mouse and Jog&Shuttle
  • CATONE client 
    It does not require any video I/O port, rather just a network port
  • Configuration 
    Based on powerful AVIO video server or CENSOR-IN-A-BOX with Crystal Server
  • Key Frame animator 
    Automatic generation of shapes by using a linear path
  • Expansion
    Expand the system with more channels and more users without disrupting running operations


Catone was the first censor of history

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