CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX - Single Channel Playout Automation with Simple Scheduler and CG

CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX - Single Channel Playout Automation with Simple Scheduler and CG

Implementing all in one single channel playout automation just became easier, faster and affordable

The Playout Automation is one of the most critical tasks in Broadcast systems since it requires the highest reliability to grant 365/7/24 operations.

The market offers many solutions for high end playout, mid-range playout as well as many solutions for low cost playout, but no one can match high end playout automation with affordable cost.

ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX aims to encompass the requirements for high quality and high reliable system while keeping very affordable cost.

ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX is composed by one CRYSTAL SERVER (please, refer to Crystal Server datasheet) and ONDA Playout automation. Crystal Server can be available with two choices for I/O cards: Blackmagic or Matrox. ONDA is supplied with Playout GUI and Playlist editor and optional upgrade to ONDA TRAFFIC; playlist in XML format can be imported into ONDA Playout.

ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX can be also purchased without Crystal Server and I/O card.

TRUE VIDEO SERVER: When deployed with Crystal Server and Matrox card, ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX offers true video server experience, granting high reliability and perfomance while enabling the support of XY-Display Multiviewer. Alternatively you can adopt a Decklink I/O card.

SECONDARY EVENTS: ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX is true and complete automation system, offering same features as top end systems. It manages secondary events, breaks, promos and all necessary features to secure safe operations, such as bumpers, skip, playlist auto load, playlist edit, etc.

PLAYLIST MANAGEMENT:  ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX comes with complete playlist management based on MS-SQL Server Express. You can also import other playlist if in XML format or upgrade to complete Traffic Scheduler.

MAIN/BACKUP: ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX supports main/backup configuration in a way that all media are mirrored between the two servers and running same playlist concurrently.

DEFAULT CONFIGURATION: ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX default configuration supports both SD and HD. Integrated CG can be enabled as optional item and by default is 2D and SD, fully upgradable to 3D and HD.


Enter the world of high quality CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX in the knowledge that your solution is built on proven and reliable technology, and safe in the knowledge that you are investing in solution that delivers you benefits.

3D HD Animated CG: ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX can be upgraded from 2D CG to full featured 3D Animated CG.

MediaXplorer MAM: ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX can be integrated with MediaXplorer Media Asset Management and if ONDA Traffic system has been also deployed you can schedule your playlist by using proxies generated by MAM.

Ingest & Archiving: ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX can be optionally be integrated with VIVA Ingest System and Disk Archive ALTO.

TRAFFIC SYSTEM: You can upgrade ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX with comprehensive Traffic System, based on MS-SQL Server and starting with minimum license of 5 concurrent users.

SAFE ARCHITECTURE: If ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX is purchased together with Crystal Server you will benefit of the safe and high quality architecture of Crystal Server with redundant power supply, SAS Enterprise disks and RAID6 or Solid State Storage.

OPTIONAL ENHANCEMENTS: Options are available for integrating ONDA CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX with A/V Router, GPI, DUAL CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX and animated 2D/3D HD CG.

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