ONDA - Scalable, Playout Automation System with integrated Traffic System

ONDA - Scalable, Playout Automation System with integrated Traffic System


ONDA is complete Playout Automation solution that includes simple scheduling of programmes and breaks/promos, Ingestion and playout and optional Traffic system

ONDA AUTOMATION: O N D A (Italian word for WAVE) is the scheduling and automation playout developed by Media-Alliance. ONDA is an integrated solution merging Scheduling and Automation Playout in one single suite.

ONDA Scheduler and Automation share the same database, thus assuring fast access to data and simultaneous edit of the playlist when the scheduling changes. ONDA also manages secondary events, like GPI Triggers or graphics and can be supplied with basic CG or advanced 2D/3D animated CG.

ONDA GUI can be used in ONAIR mode and EDIT MODE; when “edit mode” you can edit your playlist or import a playlist that includes programs, breaks/commercials and promos.

As optional upgrade ONDA can be deployed with a complete Traffic System; ONDA Traffic integrates a clip browser to mark video for easy and visual break insertion; proxies (H.264) are generated by MAM MediaXplorer to which, ONDA Scheduler is tight connected. The playlist can be exported to the server at any time, before or after merging Breaks and Promos in the Program Playlist.

ONDA TRAFFIC: Optionally ONDA can be supplied with a complete Traffic system. In broadcasting, traffic is the scheduling of program material, and in particular the daily breaks and promos. In a commercial TV station there is a strategic link between sales of advertisement and traffic in keeping the information about commercial time availability. The station sells airtime to its customers. The traffic department generates a daily log of programming elements such as commercials, features and public service announcements. The log defines when they are planned to be aired and when they actually were aired. The log will be used by the on-air operator who actually plays the commercials. ONDA traffic process starts by a salesperson making an agreement with a customer about a campaign. The agreement is a sales order that defines the dates when spots will be aired. The sales order usually also defines the product group in order to avoid conflicts in scheduling, for example, where two fast food vendors have a spot in the same break or to manage the crowding of advertising.

At the station, a traffic person collects the sales orders and enters them into a ONDA Traffic system that will help to generate the daily logs. The traffic person also links the sales order with the possible media, such as audio tape that contains the actual spot and creates a work order for next ingest phase. When all the material is finished, the traffic system will be updated with parameters that define how the campaign will be run.


Key elements of ONDA GUI are:

- Large Counter display:

  • Current clip time
  • Countdown of the current clip or any highlighted clip
  • Present time
  • Advance or delay time for the present clip
  • Fixed on airtime for the present clip

- Device control (server, router, database) and reconnection in case of any problem

- ON AIR on “red field” to clearly indicate the status and with on air clip name

- Several key buttons to:

  • Stop the playlist
  • Stand by (and resume) the playlist
  • Refresh the current playlist
  • Insert new elements
  • Insert an emergency bumper or filler
  • Go to the next events
  • Edit mode

- The playlist that includes:

  • Customizable lines colors to better identify the event: Live, Movie, Promo, Break, etc.
  • Information about the event: AS RUN, ON AIR, READY, OFF LINE
  • Type of an event: From VTR, From Video Server, Live
  • Clip information: duration, execution time, date, clip name, mark in/out, etc.

ONDA is flexible product available as CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX with simple scheduler, with or without a video server or fully integrated with the Traffic System

CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX: ONDA can be supplied as Channel-in-a-box solution, with our without the video server or even with a Blackmagic DeckLink card and with our without an integrated character generator.

Integrated with VIVA Ingest: ONDA is integrated with VIVA Ingest System.

Integrated with MediaXplorer: ONDA is integrated with MediaXplorer Media Asset Management.

Integrated with Witness: ONDA is integrated with Witness, Compliance recording system.

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