VIVA - scalable, high quality and intuitive enterprise level SDI to file ingest

VIVA  - scalable, high quality and intuitive enterprise level SDI to file ingest


Implementing a high quality, enterprise level SD/HD SDI to file ingest solution for tape and lines feeds just became easier

As broadcasters and media organisations move towards file-based workflows for all the cost and efficiency benefits these offer, so ingesting from SDI to file format is becoming ever more a central part of all areas in a media organisation. A reliable, high quality ingest solution is required that can be accessed by the whole media enterprise, providing a wide portfolio of high quality encoding options, with suitable monitoring and control.

The VIVA enterprise ingest solution from Media-Alliance delivers this high quality experience. Installed on Media Alliance AVIO servers the VIVA ingest software can be controlled from almost unlimited clients with only TCIP connections. From one single client it is possible for a single operator to control multiple ingests from tape and/or lines feeds.

Optional additional software is available to enhance the VIVA ingest process. An XY-display with almost zero latency is available for each desktop, with customisable ingest and playout layouts. Add the ORIGIN product for high quality checking of the files as they are ingested.

HIGH-END INGEST: VIVA is a high quality, highly scalable ingest solution for the modern media organization. It provides high quality encoding from SD/HD SDI to all the main codecs with a rich functionality including metadata entry, manual and scheduled record, quality checking and XY-display.

INGEST DEVICE MANAGEMENT: The VIVA IM ingestion manager provides the operator with the control of almost unlimited VTRs and the AV routers from the desktop to enable the required sources to be routed and controlled for ingest. Optional cart control and tape cleaner support is available.

AUTOMATED INGEST SCHEDULING:  The VIVA SC ingest scheduler enables you to automate the ingest of your live feeds. Events can be easily scheduled and their status monitored on a timeline grid-like display of all scheduled ingests with daily, 5 day, weekly and monthly views.

ENTERPRISE SCALABLE: Almost unlimited VIVA ingest channels can be controlled from a single desktop. Almost unlimited clients can be used to monitor and control the ingest. So no matter how you wish to operate your ingest, or how your organization grows, VIVA offers the scalability you require.

OPTIONAL ENHANCEMENTS: VIVA can be supplied with a variety of optional software modules and products to enhance the ingest process. This includes user login and administration rights, real-time quality checking, XY confidence display, SDI confidence output, and concurrent proxy creation.


Enter the world of high quality enterprise ingest in the knowledge that your complete organisation is able to ingest from tapes and lines feeds, and be safe in the knowledge that
as you grow you will be able to scale your ingest to meet your operational needs.

STANDARD TAPE INGEST: Use VIVA to ingest single or batch lists of files from tape, with full jog-shuttle transport control of VTRs, confidence monitoring from the desktop, marking in and out tools, and VTR parameter checking.

ADVANCED TAPE INGEST: VIVA enables your ingest operators to manage tapes that have discontinuous time code, and for them to join content from multiple tapes into one media file.

LINES INGEST: Use VIVA to manually crash record from live SDI feeds and schedule automatic lines feed ingests. VIVA controls leading AV routers for source selection and provide intuitive desktops making ingest easy.

METADATA ENTRY: In addition to the technical metadata automatically created, manually enter additional metadata during ingest. This metadata can be passed to a Media Asset Management solution with the AV file.

X-Y MONITORING OPTION: Add the optional VIVA XY software to have real time, zero latency display of live ingests. Easily configure the ingest sources, proxy display layout and each display size from your client desktop.

REAL-TIME QC OPTION: Add the optional ORIGIN QC software to VIVA and you can check the quality of your files as they ingested, with configurable test plans, visual warnings and automated result-based file movement.

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